What’s In Your Bag?

Bag PackedSeven training cones, two baseballs, swim goggles, a motorcycle and a fighter jet. These are the visible contents of a bag recently packed by six-year-old Deagan Dietz. His father, my friend Erich Dietz, snapped a photo of the luggage while his family was getting ready for their trip to Disneyland. It’s definitely the work of a child, but it’s more than that. It’s the packing list of someone prepared to be happy wherever he goes. With this bag, Deagan could make just about anywhere become exactly where he wants to be. That’s a good measure for successful packing if I’ve ever heard one. Though, since he’s off to Disneyland, I doubt he’ll have much trouble being happy where he is.

Every day, we get up and we re-enter life with the bag we’ve packed, and we’re not always off to Disneyland. It’s important that we pack right. It’s important that we take Deagan’s lead and pack the things that will make our destination a place we want to be, no matter where it is.

When I look at Deagan’s bag, I can tell he’s packing fun. He’s packing enjoyment, entertainment, imagination, and happiness.

Are you?

There are far too many bags being carried out into the day that are filled with fear, doubt, and uncertainty. Too many people reaching their destinations without anything to sustain their spirits. Don’t let that happen to you. Make sure you are packing confidence, fun, and an appetite for learning—and pack enough of it to share.

Deagan on the Run

Of course, I’d tell you to pack your red shoes, but they’re already on your feet.