The Golf Course Vs. Pier 1 Imports (No Contest)

A few Saturdays ago, my beautiful wife of 24 years informed me that we needed some new chairs to put in our basement library. To put it in context, I had also been talking with a few of my good buddies (including my youngest son, Brody) about playing golf on this same Saturday. Sound like a dilemma? It wasn’t. Though it may have taken 24 years, I have learned that when your wife says, “Let’s go,” you go!

So the journey began, and we didn’t have to go far, because in the mind of my wife there was only one place to go to find the exact chairs she was looking for. “We are headed to Pier 1 Imports,” she informed me. And I said, “Yes we are!”

Having worked in customer service my whole life, I tend to see things a little differently than most. When I enter a retail store, I pay attention to even the smallest elements of the service experience, noting important things like a smile or a friendly greeting (or any other form of acknowledgement, for that matter). Whenever you can put your customer in a good mood right from the get-go, your chances of creating a good experience for both them and you goes way up.

It really is pretty simple—and that is exactly what happened when we entered the Pier 1 location in Sandy, Utah. I was immediately greeted with a smile, a friendly “hello,” and a head nod all at the same time. This perky barrage was followed by a “How can I help you?” How can you help me? Believe it or not, you already have. You acknowledged my presence. Simple, eh?

In summary: I was greeted by not just one person, but by four amazing women who proceeded to make my experience—and, more importantly, my wife’s experience—a true “Red Shoes” moment.

My wife had some idea of what she wanted, and these four ladies jumped through hoops to make sure she got it and more. Together they moved furniture around the store, composing a variety of ensembles (I can’t believe I just said ensembles) so she could see every possible option for our basement library.

As they cycled through their seating inventory, along with a litany of accent pillows, I noticed myself being pushed away from the inner circle to make more room for my wife and even more chairs. In mere seconds, I had retreated to a safe distance to admire the amazing work of these four interior design mavens: Carrie Williams (store manager), Ashli Foresta (assistant manager), Mollie Bourdos (sales leader), and Katie Smith (sales associate). In truth, I wasn’t really “pushed” away. These ladies did everything they could to include me, even going as far as asking for my opinion on some things—which my wife immediately dismissed.

The bottom line, though, is this: The experience was amazing for both my wife and me, and even though I would have rather been playing golf on that particular Saturday, I got to witness something special at Pier 1 Imports that day—and believe me when I tell you it was truly special.

These ladies exemplify what customer service is all about, and I am proud to have elected to go shopping with my wife over playing golf with the guys (my wife will be reading this, so cut me some slack, guys).

In all seriousness, these four women should be wearing red shoes because they stand out almost as much as the furniture ensembles (there’s that word again) they whipped up right before my eyes!

Thanks for making my life and experience a little bit better by being so amazing.