Spartan X Leadership Talks

The pressure executives are under is immense. Even though the executives I speak to every week are at the helm of organizations of every size and in every industry, we’re all grappling with the same things. How to solve problems with wisdom and urgency, maintain focus amid chaos and drama, and get the best performance from our teams while still being respected at the end of the day. 


In response to the ever-increasing noise and negativity in today’s world, top leaders are coming together like never before to share ideas and best practices. They desire a leadership community that believes in standing out for the positive in all that they do and one that supports them in becoming the best versions of themselves. As a result, the business of Red Shoes Living has never been more relevant, necessary and in demand. We work with top leaders and organizations to use the Red Shoes framework, a very simple-to-understand and apply solution, to cope with the relentless noise and negativity crushing into our organizations and lives all the time.  

Just as executives encounter challenges and unforeseen obstacles, so do Spartan competitors. They know it’s all part of the race. Whether you’re an executive, a Spartan competitor or both, you must manage the distractions all around you to stay focused on achieving your goals—to finish the race or achieve your personal best.

As executives, you have the power to “lead from the front” and impact your organizations in ways that can create high-performing teams and human beings.

That’s why, in partnership with Spartan, I’m thrilled to bring you an opportunity to interact with other thought leaders from around the world in an effort to learn and share. I hope you will join me for the Spartan X Leadership Talks in San Francisco on November 17.

Even though the race is sold-out that weekend with 20,000 competitors descending on AT&T Park to challenge their minds, bodies and spirits as a Spartan, YOU can still be a part of the action by joining me and other executives at the Leadership Talks. Space is filling up fast, so if you want to be part of the weekend’s VIP event, please RSVP as my guest.

I believe you will get incredible value from this experience. Not only will have networking opportunities with other CEOs, you will learn skills that you can immediately put to use when you return back to the office.

Speakers for the Spartan X Leadership Talks

Dr. Moira Gunn
Management Professor, University of San Francisco

Dr. Kelly Starrett
Doctor of Physical Therapy and Co-founder, MobilityWOD

Brian Jennings
Former NFL San Francisco 49er who never missed a practice or a game

Elizabeth Bailey Weil
Partner, 137 Ventures

Amelia Boone
Attorney, Spartan World Champion

Lonnie Mayne
Founder and CEO, Red Shoes Living


Event Details

Spartan X Leadership Talks
Friday, November 17, 2017
2-7 p.m.
AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA

If you want to learn more about our VIP packages or have any questions, email me at If you’re ready to RSVP, you can do that online as my guest.

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