Red Shoes on

The Red Shoes Experience continues to be embraced. People understand the power of personalized acts of service. That’s no surprise. However, what is a surprise is how starved consumers, and people in general, are for it.

Thankfully, as I’ve shared the Red Shoes concept with friends and associates, I have seen an incredible willingness on everyone’s part to rededicate themselves to delivering a standout customer experience.

When I recently sat down to do an interview with T. Scott Gross, I could tell I was talking with a customer service pro. Not only did he immediately see the power of the Red Shoes Experience, he could tell me exactly how it fit in the changing commercial landscape.

In him I saw a man already carrying the mantra of Red Shoes, with the same passion I do, and with an amazing set of his own experiences to reaffirm mine. What began as an interview concluded as a profound collaboration. It was a genuine pleasure sharing philosophies and feeding off the sense of this man.

Besides our wonderful connection on customer experience principles, what came out of our interview together was a great article, written by my new friend, Mr. Gross, and published on Read it by clicking the image below.

I’m so excited to see people reopening their eyes to this rising expectation. The next generation of customers has this expectation on the top of their list, and the companies with a strong culture of customer focus are the ones winning their loyalty.