Red Shoes at Mindshare’s Conference

It’s been one month since Red Shoes had its biggest audience yet at Mindshare’s Best Practices Conference. As I think about it, I am reminded of so many people who deserve a shout out for their efforts. Hopefully I haven’t missed anyone in my attempt to say thanks to everyone individually, but I still want to call out a couple aspects—and a few specific people—of the conference that really stood out. I work with a lot of good people. I’m very grateful to be involved with individuals who take their leadership roles in the customer experience very seriously. That’s why there’s no better time of year for me than Mindshare’s annual conference.

This year’s event was exceptional for a couple of reasons. The first reason being that we had so many of our partners show up from across the business world. When these VoC champions get together, the stories fly, morale is high, decisions are made, and customers come out on top. The second reason that this year’s conference was extra special is that my colleagues took it upon themselves to make the Red Shoes Experience a focus of the event.

Even the conference theme carried a very “Red Shoes” message: SAMPLE SIZE OF ONE™ - EVERY CUSTOMER COUNTS.

I would like to take a moment to give credit to a handful of the Red Shoes Rock Stars who went all out to make this conference memorable to everyone in attendance.


The Olympic Experience


The first Red Shoes moment that comes to mind happened during Fraser Bullock’s remarks. His stories from behind the scenes at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games were profoundly applicable to modern business operations. His presentation was phenomenal in its own right—so when he surprised the audience by calling Olympic Gold Medalist Jim Shea to the stage, it was well beyond expectations. (The audible gasps and straightening of postures made that much obvious.) Add to that the fact that Jim Shea passed his gold medal around the room and had pictures taken with guests, and you have a Red Shoes Experience. Thank you, Fraser Bullock. Thank you, Jim Shea. I will never forget that presentation.


Sanderson, Achor & Mayne


Just a few hours later, we had another memorable experience when keynote speaker Shawn Achor lit up the room. He easily outshone even some of the very best keynote addresses I’ve been privileged to witness. One attendee, who goes by the Twitter handle @hawgbald, said it best with this tweet: “I see a lot of keynotes. Shawn Achor is the best I have seen in a while.” Again, this was a brilliant presentation, and it was made even better by the stack of books waiting outside the ballroom. Everyone in attendance walked out to a free copy of Shawn’s The Happiness Advantage (signed by the author if you were willing to wait a minute in line). Thank you, Shawn Achor.


Event Coordinators


On Friday morning, we were all battling a strange mixture of excitement (to go run wild in the beauty of the mountains before heading head back to work with new knowledge at our disposal) and sadness (for the conference’s imminent conclusion). In this setting, the Mindshare Client Experience Team was determined to make a positive impact—and to help me play a part in it. I was honored to take the stage and talk about the Red Shoes Experience. My remarks were few, and they hinged on a couple videos that our behind-the-scenes guys (Joel Diamond, Allan Mount, Greg Lloyd, and Jon “Sandy” Sanderson) had helped me put together.

These spotlight films not only gave insight into the key elements of a Red Shoes Experience, they captured the feeling that comes with it.