Phone Interview on “The Price of Business” with Kevin Price

On the AirJust a few days ago I was invited by syndicated columnist and talk radio host Kevin Price to do a short phone interview for his long-running radio show, “The Price of Business.” We spent some time discussing Voice of the Customer (VoC) software and its ability to create a competitive advantage for today’s businesses.

I’ve embedded the interview below. It’s a basic introduction to some of the feedback collection capabilities Mindshare Technologies offers, which focus on granting clients access to their customers’ thoughts and insights 24/7.

Most importantly, it’s extremely accountable to the individual customer voice and gives companies specific guidance for taking action that customers will notice, appreciate, and return for.

I’m very grateful to Kevin and his team for the time on his show. Any day I can talk about focusing on customers and delivering a powerful Red Shoes Experience is a very good day for me! Enjoy the interview.