Not What, But How Much: The Meaning of “Thanks”

My Special Little Thank You CardTHANK YOU! The two most powerful words one can deliver, and—believe me—the most powerful words one can receive, especially when it’s not expected. A simple Thank You can make all the difference. Can life really be this simple? I believe it can. I guess sometimes just believing is half of the battle. I believe!

I recently returned from a Red Shoes presentation given to my very good friends in Orlando, Florida, who reminded me how much it can mean to receive a Thank You. This is an amazing leadership team of men and women who get what Red Shoes is all about.

This team decided to take a few minutes and simply thank me, in writing, for my time. Are you kidding me? How can something so simple mean so much? Well it did and I can’t fully express my appreciation for being the recipient of such a simple and powerful Red Shoes moment.

This is a very professional, very amazing group of leaders who remember what it means to truly make a difference. You’re rare, my new friends from Florida, and I am not “ribbing.” Thanks for living life while wearing Red Shoes. I wish you all the success and happiness in the world—this year and into the future.