Neutralizing the Mess & the Stress

This is a cool story of an employee willing to get her hands dirty in the name of customer service. This lady is an absolute fearless rock star. Red Shoes Elite. I’m sure she was just doing what she considers her job, but it was much more than that to the customer she helped. That customer just so happens to be one of Mindshare’s project managers, a real stand-up guy, Joel Diamond. This is why I love my job. Seeing great people putting aside their egos to help another out. Well done, Eusebia; you were raised right. Hats off to you and all those who taught you the right way to treat people!


My family and I were eating out at Barbacoa when my youngest daughter started coughing and choking on one of her chips. It took some time, and a little of my help, but she was finally able to clear the chip. Of course, she also tripped her gag reflex during the process. The chips she had been eating, the milk she had been drinking, her previous meal—it all came back up, and it was not good for any of the senses.

Red Shoes at Barbacoa

I stood up to see if the staff had anything I could use to clean it up. In an instant, a sweet lady named Eusebia was on the scene. She sat me back down, went to work, and refused to let me take part in the cleaning. She kept saying, “You sit, finish eating!” She made it clear that, despite my protests, I would, in fact, not be cleaning up my own child’s mess.

When this lady had finished restoring order to our area, management came out and apologized to my family for the mess. At this point I was so impressed and appreciative that I insisted she put on my shoes for a picture. (Yes, I was wearing red ones.)

It’s one thing to clean up messes from drips and spills. It’s quite another thing to take on regurgitated remnants, while ensuring your customers continue to eat and enjoy their meal. I think any parent can relate to the stress and embarrassment of these public situations. Thankfully, on this instance, that stress and embarrassment was neutralized by the quick work of one Red Shoes employee.