Late-Night Shoes on Short Notice

A few weeks back, I was traveling with some colleagues from Mindshare Technologies to give a presentation about the customer experience.

The night before our presentation, while the guys and I were doing a little run-through of our notes, someone suggested that we all show up to the presentation wearing red shoes—you know, as a visual reminder of giving an outstanding customer experience.

Everyone thought it was a great idea. The only problem was that none of us had any red shoes with us, and it was already 8:50 p.m. local time.


We wasted no time in making a phone call to the nearest Foot Locker (which was getting ready to close its doors at 9 p.m.). We were fortunate enough to get a hold of the store manager, Gregorio “Junior” Perez, who kindly assured us that, if his team could find enough red shoes, he would keep the store open late enough for us to come pick them up.

We waited on the line while Junior’s team fanned out in a search for six different sizes of red Chuck Taylors....

Success! By mixing high tops and low tops, Junior and his team were able to come up with shoes for our entire team. With Junior holding the doors for us, two of our guys hopped in the car and headed out to pick up the footwear.

Even though our two retrievers lost a few minutes by following the GPS to an incorrect location, Junior’s team was still waiting for them when they finally did show up 25 minutes after closing time.

What’s more, nobody acted put out about having to stay late. They all smiled and treated our guys like part of the gang.


If there was any doubt that this was a red shoes experience, this last piece of the story put it to rest: After arriving at the store and being greeted by the full sales team, one of my colleagues pulled Junior aside and asked him why he hadn’t sent some of the team home for the night.

Junior’s response was that he wanted the whole team to be there so they could all get recognition for the sale. What a great example of team leadership! Red shoes through and through.

Thanks, Junior! The red shoes were a hit in our presentation, and we really couldn’t have done it without you.