Good Moments and Steady Steps

OfficeWindowIn the middle of a really great season in his life, a friend asked me, “How do you make sure these moments stay with you?” It’s a question we’ve probably all asked ourselves as we emerge from heavier days and start enjoying times of personal peace. How do we carry those happy times forward with us?

Can it even be done?

What came to my mind, and what I told my friend, was this: “You have to stay steady.”

The moment you start overreacting to life, jumping to conclusions, losing your temper and your composure—that’s the moment you lose your footing in the good memories you’ve built up.

It’s a phrase you’ve likely all heard, and seen, by now: KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. The reason that message has resonated with so many people is that it’s the path to staying anchored in our good experiences even when surrounded by difficult ones.

Through steadiness we retain the presence of mind to apply past moments to current situations. And, like any skill, these good moments will only stick with us if we keep them in use. When we remember them, and draw strength and perspective from them in our daily lives, they become our windows to something bigger.

Like the view from my office window—mountains at a distance, sunlight falling through—these moments tell me there’s something bigger going on out there.

The next time stresses mount, deadlines loom, numbers don’t add up, or timing just feels off, take a step back. Recede into a good moment—look out your window—and then return to the present with the steadiness that always gets the job done.