Don’t Die While You’re Still Alive!

To live you must be aware. Aware of the moments of amazing things going on all around us. Awareness is a key thing in our lives for many reasons. Life happens all around whether we are paying attention or not. Sometimes we live in the moment, and other times we observe the moment. Being aware of those moments enriches our soul and has an impact on others that we can never completely appreciate.

Many of us recently saw the kindness of New York City Police Officer Larry DePrimo and the kindness he demonstrated by living in the moment. On the other side was a very smart lady, Jennifer Foster, who was visiting from Arizona. “I knew what I was looking at,” said Jennifer. Jennifer was aware of the moment. She was the one who took this now-famous picture.

You see, in this story, someone lived in the moment and someone observed, and through both of them, in a way, we are all able to live! I can only express how this affected me personally, and it was tremendous. Awareness is 50% of the battle in our daily lives. This is a small secret that I learned some time ago. Witness the good in the world. It’s all around us.

Even Security Cameras capture the good in the world!

It’s a blessing to be aware of the good in the world, whether it be a small act of kindness (a simple smile to stranger) or a big one (Larry DePrimo), I respectfully challenge each and every one of us to find these special moments and either choose to act or observe, but don’t miss them! Awareness, my good friends, is a secret to happiness.

Don’t die while you’re still alive!