Brady 1What does it mean to have courage? A great question, and one that probably has different answers for all of us. I am reminded of so many inspirational stories of courageous people rising to the occasion and never allowing themselves to quit no matter what their circumstances were. Courage is something that is developed in us from a very young age and hopefully it never goes away. If it has gone away, I leave you this definition from a 12-year-old boy who was asked to write a paper for school on courage and what it means to him.


Not fearing what others think Taking your first step Standing up for what you believe Not afraid of failure Meeting new people Self control Believing in yourself Speaking up Performing in front of people Not following the crowd Be a leader ASKING FOR HELP

You see, this 12-year-old is pretty special. He is my son Brody, and for those who know him, he has all the courage that one world can handle. On one page he has reminded me of what courage should be. When those we teach become our teachers, the world simply seems like a magical and very special place. Thank you, Brody, and may we all be reminded as adults—through the eyes of a young child—what courage should mean to all of us.

Live your life with courage. Live your life wearing Red Shoes!

Courage 1