A funny thing happened on the way to Red Shoes

I’m starting to notice a trend with redshoesexperience.com. Not only am I hearing great customer service stories, I am getting pictures of red shoes from around the world. I love it and can only assume that on the other end of those red shoes are Red Shoes promoters! Here’s one from an anonymous contributor, who left this delightful note:

“There is no way for you to know this, but Red Shoes mean a lot to me. I have ALWAYS had at least one pair of red shoes since I was a tiny little girl. Usually it’s been red cowboy boots! One of my mom’s favorite things to say was, “Every girl should ALWAYS have a red pair of shoes to wear, because they make your feet HAPPY! I can still hear her saying that! And I have always believed every word and followed that advice. My mom instilled in me the idea that when my feet are ‘happy,’ I am inclined to work harder, help more, go the extra mile, dance another dance, skip to my own beat... I LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING HERE. I love that you are spot-lighting folks who have a RED SHOE mentality. Keep up the great work!”

Thank you to whomever you are!