To my friends, colleagues and future clients

For 10 years, I’ve been honored to serve as president of InMoment, the top customer experience technology firm in the world.

And while our focus was always on the technology, customer experience is an inherently human endeavor.  Because of that, clients regularly asked us to advise them on the cultural side of the equation. And as the business value of great customer experience has become increasingly undeniable, the urgency around getting that aspect right has also grown.

Over the past few years I’ve invested more of my time, and passion, in this part of the business. Recently, InMoment and I announced a new partnership that will allow me to focus 100 percent of my time and energy toward helping organizations connect the operational side of customer experience with the human side, building cultures where employees, customers, and business thrive. We call this Red Shoes Living.

Red Shoes was a concept I originally created as an internal framework for the InMoment culture, and has been shared with hundreds of leading brands and leadership groups. In this new capacity, I will continue to present keynote presentation at conferences around the world. Also, I will continue to provide a framework for executive leadership training and organizational guidance to companies that want to create the “stand out” cultures and people so essential to customer experience, personal and business success.

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The Red Shoes Experience continues to be embraced. People understand the power of personalized acts of service. That’s no surprise. However, what is a surprise is how starved consumers, and people in general, are for it.

Thankfully, as I’ve shared the Red Shoes concept with friends and associates, I have seen an incredible willingness on everyone’s part to rededicate themselves to delivering a standout customer experience.

When I recently sat down to do an interview with T. Scott Gross, I could tell I was talking with a customer service pro. Not only did he immediately see the power of the Red Shoes Experience, he could tell me exactly how it fit in the changing commercial landscape.

In him I saw a man already carrying the mantra of Red Shoes, with the same passion I do, and with an amazing set of his own experiences to reaffirm mine. What began as an interview concluded as a profound collaboration. It was a genuine pleasure sharing philosophies and feeding off the sense of this man.

Besides our wonderful connection on customer experience principles, what came out of our interview together was a great article, written by my new friend, Mr. Gross, and published on Read it by clicking the image below.

I’m so excited to see people reopening their eyes to this rising expectation. The next generation of customers has this expectation on the top of their list, and the companies with a strong culture of customer focus are the ones winning their loyalty.

Customer Experience Feedback with Herb Weisbaum

One of today’s most influential customers, a man who knows a Red Shoes experience when he sees one—the ConsumerMan himself—Mr. Herb Weisbaum recently took an interest in the increasingly popular art of customer feedback management. Lucky for me, as he began his research, someone gave him my name and number so we could connect for a short interview on the subject. I’m always happy when I can share some of the things I’ve learned in my CXO position at Mindshare Technologies, especially with an open ear like Herb’s. What can I say, the man’s a pro.

Well, this week, 570 KVI Seattle broadcasted our full interview and MSNBC’S Life Inc. ran the article. You can listen to the interview and read Herb’s feature article by clicking on the images below.


As someone who has seen companies use their customer feedback to create Red Shoes experiences, I’m very happy to see the attention that customer feedback is now receiving from people like Herb. Here’s to seeing more Red Shoes in the world!

Listen to the interview Read the article