Stand out, like a pair of Red Shoes, in the way that you live
and in the experiences you create for others


Red Shoes turns average companies

into dynamic, results driven organizations.

Red Shoes, LLC is a culture company who's purpose is to help your business focus on your most valuable asset.

Your people.

Why focus on your people?

Because your people make up your company's culture.

And your company's culture is what drives your business.

Want proof?

By focusing on people and culture, we've lead a technology company to 817% growth over the past decade.

Your people are your brand ambassadors, your customer experience creators, your true differentiators.  

 Your people want to know they matter, know they are empowered, know they are valued and know they are a part of something special.

That's where Red Shoes, LLC comes in.

We don't build average cultures.

We build dynamic, sustainable cultures to create results driven organizations.

Through coaching, speaking, consulting and training.

We provide you and your people with the tools to standout in their professional and personal lives.

And it works.

Dare to stand out, dare to do it right, dare to create a Red Shoes Culture.

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Red Shoes Founder, Lonnie Mayne, shares how to take your first steps in Red Shoes in the video below.

Lonnie Mayne, Founder of Red Shoes Living, introduces the Red Shoes concept through a series of inspirational messages.

 thought leaders from some of the world's most trusted brands are inspired by Lonnie's Red Shoes presentations 

I’ve heard many motivational talks in my professional career but nothing as genuine and impactful as Lonnie Mayne’s “Red Shoes Living” talk. Lonnie is a master story teller and is able to capture the audience in a way that hits them to the core in a very moving and positive way. I’ve heard Lonnie speak about Red Shoes Living twice and both times I walked away feeling deeply inspired to ACT - to deliver better customer experiences, to better understand different perspectives, to be a better professional, and to be a better person. Lonnie is a phenomenal leader and a tremendously inspirational speaker. I’m a big fan of Lonnie and am a convert to his “Red Shoes Living” message.
— Dave Blake Founder/CEO, ClientSuccess
No matter where I am in the world today when I see someone wearing red shoes I wonder if they have heard the story, or better yet Lonnie tell it. Red Shoe Living is a terrific way to navigate life. Our ability to connect at any time has made the world a smaller place and an argument could be made that it’s impossible to care about everyone’s story. Red Shoes reminds me, it’s not only possible but that I am responsible for the care and concern of ALL others.  If you work in a service environment there is nothing more powerful than this message and I am grateful to have shared this at Express to drive an amazing associate and customer experience. Thank you Lonnie, my friend and colleague, for this wonderful view of the world and our place in it.
— Jim Kaniaris Vice President Express, Customer Experience
NHS Elect invited Lonnie to our Annual Conference two years ago and colleagues are still talking about his presentation on Red Shoes. Lonnie embodies the core values of emotional connection, empathy and humbleness with people regardless ‎they are your customers or colleagues or strangers. His messages are universal, his challenge to us to be kinder and do good couldn’t be closer to our health care service values and his personal impact on the day was unforgettable. You can certainly add the NHS to your fanbase!
— Sue Kong - Director NHS Elect
One of our long-time clients brought Lonnie into speak to 900+ attendees at their Annual Convention.  The FIRST team was so moved by the session we knew we had to share what we learned and asked Lonnie to come speak to our employees at our winter off-site meeting.  After his presentation our CEO noted there was “not a dry eye in the house” – everyone was so moved by his experiences and the idea of putting ourselves in others’ shoes.  We see every day how we deepen our client relationships by taking time to listen to their needs.  One of our Producers still wears his red Converse to shows to remind him to go the extra mile every day.
— Maggie Connolly, VP Client Services, FIRST
We had the privilege of working with Lonnie Mayne as a keynote for our National General Manager Conference. Lonnie’s presentation was eloquent and engaging, as he seemingly found a way to emotionally connect with each attendee. His real world examples resonate with everyone and reinforce the concepts remarkably well. The overall message of Red Shoes Living proved to be extremely valuable for our team, both professionally and personally.
— Mark Ruhga Regional Operations Manager, Landscapes Management Company