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Months after people hear master storyteller Lonnie Mayne speak from the stage, they are still invigorated by his powerful message.  

They are inspired to ACT. They are better professionals and people.

Lonnie’s Red Shoes message cuts through all the negativity and the noise going on in the world, and as one attendee said, “there is nothing more powerful than this message." 

There’s never been a better time to give your event attendees an easy-to-understand framework that they can implement immediately to positively change the trajectory of their work and lives. When you hire Lonnie to keynote your event or to work with your executive team, you will join some of the most prominent brands in the world who have done the same. 

Red Shoes Living Founder and CEO, Lonnie Mayne, shares how Red Shoes Living came to be and how it can help you stand out professionally and personally.

Red Shoes Living: Customer, Culture, Leadership and Life

Red Shoes Living is simple. It’s powerful. And it gets results.

Lonnie sets audiences on fire with his inspirational, straightforward concept about standing out in everything you do like a pair of red shoes in leadership and life.
— Sue Kong NHS

Those who embrace the framework of Red Shoes Living believe in standing out in all that they do from how they work to how they live. They stand out like a pair of red shoes for the positive.

Companies who get this are creating leaders and cultures that facilitate flight for their people and incredible results for their organizations.

Lonnie Mayne, founder of Red Shoes Living, delivers the Red Shoes message at keynotes, executive and leadership team trainings, and in one-on-one performance coaching sessions.

While the Red Shoes framework helps people become the best versions of themselves, there’s nothing fluffy about it. Under Lonnie’s leadership, a technology firm grew by 817% over a decade largely due to having the Red Shoes concept of standing out in everything you do at the core of its culture.

He works with some of the most prominent brands in the world on how to implement the Red Shoes Living concept to create a Red Shoes customer experience. 

Customer, Culture,  Leadership & Life

The original intent of Red Shoes was to create a Red Shoes customer experience. But to create a Red Shoes customer experience, you need to have a Red Shoes Culture and Red Shoes Leaders. The byproduct of all that work is living life in a Red Shoes way. Are you ready to create a Red Shoes Culture? Contact Red Shoes today at 801.783.7373.


Red Shoes turns average companies

into dynamic, results driven organizations.

Red Shoes Living, INC is a culture company who's purpose is to help your business focus on your most valuable asset.

Your people.

Why focus on your people?

Because your people make up your company's culture.

And your company's culture is what drives your business.

Want proof?

By focusing on people and culture, we've lead a technology company to 817% growth over the past decade.

Your people are your brand ambassadors, your customer experience creators, your true differentiators.  

 Your people want to know they matter, know they are empowered, know they are valued and know they are a part of something special.

That's where Red Shoes Living, INC comes in.

We don't build average cultures.

We build dynamic, sustainable cultures to create results driven organizations.

Through coaching, speaking, consulting and training.

We provide you and your people with the tools to standout in their professional and personal lives.

And it works.

Dare to stand out, dare to do it right, dare to create a Red Shoes Culture.

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